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关于 Hotel Islazul Villa Jardin Los Cocos
Hotel Islazul Villa Jardin Los Cocos in Cayo Coco is perfect for sun seekers who want to see one of the most beautiful parts of Cuba on a budget. Cayo Coco’s beaches & all-inclusive resorts attract visitors from all over the world & Hotel Jardin is one of the few inexpensive options for accommodation in the area.

Guests experience authentic Cuba at Jardin Los Cocos hotel. The complex originally built to house local workers, with spacious rooms set among lush gardens in the shade of exotic palm trees. The beach may be a 10-minute drive away but it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cayo Coco.

Hotel Los Cocos offers a bed & breakfast accommodation, or guests can add lunch &/or evening meal. In addition to the restaurant, there is a café for daytime snacks & a bar for relaxing mojitos & beers beneath the palm trees.

Guests may need their own transport to enjoy the area but they have all the facilities at hand at the charming Villa Jardin Los Cocos hotel to enjoy a cheap but memorable stay in Cayo Coco.

Hotel Islazul Villa Jardin Los Cocos is not currently open for international tourism.
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The 21 rooms are modern & spacious with all the usual facilities (ensuite, satellite tv, fridge & mini-bar etc). However, not all rooms have air-conditioning.

The rooms are set in separate bungalows around the complex & are basically fitted out, though clean & comfortable with large bathrooms.
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110V 插座
Minibar / Fridge (un-stocked)
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10-30MT. 珊瑚礁,超过10公里长,为该地增加了更多的吸引力; 海洋物种的多样性和丰富性,使潜水的人们感到这是个真正的水族馆。

世界上很少的地方能够拥有这里的全部美丽; 人们可以找到Mega Lops大西洋鲳鱼,以及大笛鲷鱼,美罗斯鱼,鲨鱼和梭鱼,为潜水的地方——“可可潜水中心”增加更多的吸引力,
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