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Hotel Carbonera, Varadero, Matanzas 马坦萨斯, 古巴
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关于 Hotel Carbonera Club Oceanfront Resort
Carbonera Club Oceanfront Resort will be located about 115 kilometres from Havana and 3 kilometres west from Vardero. Only 90 nautical miles south of the Florida Keys.

Carbonera Club combines Golf and Luxury living and we can expect it to become a unique, luxury ocean front development.

The Carbonera Resort will include a Hotel & Spa, a Beach & Watersport Club, a Tennis Club, a a Tony Jacklin-designed golf course, as well as around 800 apartments and villas for sale.

We will update this page as soon as more information will become available.
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旅游指南: Varadero
Varadero, in the western Cuban province of Matanzas, is the beach par excellence in the archipelago, despite strong competition from islets in the Jardines del Rey tourist region.
Over 24 kilometers of excellent beaches, closely linked to other natural attractions such as caves, virgin keys and transparent waters, are complemented by a strong infrastructure that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding vacationers.

Marinas such as Chapelin, Puertosol, Darsena de Varadero and Gaviota guarantee excellent conditions and means to go diving, including appropriate boats, trained personnel, diving centers, hyperbaric chambers and means of transport in case of an emergency.

Thousands of rooms for international tourism, run by major international hotel companies linked to the leisure industry, are complemented by a broad network of extra-hotel facilities that have expanded along with the increase in the number of vacationers who bet on that tourist destination.
Varadero also holds the International Parachuting Center and the Varadero Golf Club, the first 18-hole-par-72 professional golf course in Cuba.

The Plaza America Convention Center, with its 600-seat plenary hall and seven additional halls, hosts major international events and meetings, becoming an excellent choice in programs that combine leisure with work in a pleasant and calm atmosphere.
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