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Hotel Batey don Pedro 百帝唐佩德罗酒店 , Jaguey Grande, Matanzas 马坦萨斯, 古巴
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关于 Hotel Horizontes Batey don Pedro 百帝唐佩德罗酒店
Nigel 推荐酒店
百帝唐佩德罗酒店坐落在天然的半岛日萨帕塔,古巴最重要的生态区之一。酒店靠近 Las Salinas和Hatiguanico,在这您可以看到65种不同的候鸟以及当地的各种鸟类,不仅可以赏鸟钓鱼,这里也是您理想的休憩之地。


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详细的 标准间 介绍
Batey don Pedro has 12 wooden cabanas, each with private bathroom, mini-bar & satellite TV. These are rather basic & have a very rustic feel but are spacious & clean. All have a porch & rocking chairs which are the ideal way to kick back in the shade, watching country scenes that haven’t changed in decades. Accommodation is on a bed & breakfast basis & the cabanas are mainly for 2, though the larger ones accommodate 4 people.
© 2010 Nigel Hunt
旅游指南: Jaguey Grande
Jaguey Grande is at the gateway to the Zapata Peninsula, Guama, Playa Larga, Bay of Pigs and Playa Giron. 2007 was Jagüey Grande's 150th anniversary of it's foundation.

Jagüey Grande is surrounded by 40,000 hectares of citrus trees. The mostly oranges and grapefruits are processed at the modern “Heroes of Giron” plant and accounts for 60 percent of national production. The citrus fruit are used to produce concentrate, juices, mash, beverages and essences which are exported, or bottled at the next door factory Rio Zaza and distributed under the Tropical Island brand.

In the neighborhood of Jaguey Grande is a big sugar mill. From here Fidel Castro took control of the counterattack against the invasion in the Bay of Pigs (Bahia de Cochinos). The airstrip at Jagüey Grande was seized, but when the first invaders B-26 came in to land, it hit ridges of sand that had drifted across the runway, and crashed. Paratroopers that dropped inland were wiped out, and the invaders from the beach never reached Jagüey Grande. There is a little museum of Fidel Castro's office in the sugar mill, and in Havana in front of the Museo de la Revolucion is the Sau-100 tank used by Fidel Castro during the invasion.
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