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Villa Aguas Claras , Vinales, Pinar Del Rio, Küba
Castle for Pigeons
Castle for Pigeons
Aguas Claras Twin Cabanas
Cabana Bedroom
Aguas Claras Cabanas Balcony
Cabanas Balcony
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The modern and comfortable tourist cabanas/villas are located in peaceful natural surroundings between Pinar del Rio City and Viñales valley. At dawn, you may hear the songs of endemic birds like the “bijirita” and the “sinsonte”, as well as breath the fresh smell of the pinewood trees that give their name to this province.

The Villa of Aguas Claras borders onto a small farm, to which the visitor may accede to share the country life with the farmers and their animals, or even horse-ride through the surroundings and visit the nearby river that has given its name to this splendid place.

Excursions are available from Aguas Claras such as to the Viñales valley or to Cueva del Indio (The Indian Cave), trekking, horse-riding or simply to enjoy the premises, swimming in the pool or taking a walk through the beautiful surroundings, and having a well-deserved rest.

In Pinar del Río city you may visit the local rum factory which produces Guayabita del Pinar, or watch the rolling of the best tobacco in the world in one of its famous cigar factories.
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At sürme
Cafe / Snack Bar
Eğlence programları
Güvenlik - Ön büro kasası kasasi
Kuş izleme
Mağazalar (lar) temel malzemeler, hediyelik eşya ve hediyeleri
Telefon - Ulusal yalnızca
Tıbbi hizmetler
Trekking / hiking / camping
TV odası / (uluslararası kanal / video)
Yüzme havuzu
Detayları Cabana  
Available are 50 double cabanas/villas.
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Banyo (ensuite)
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Rehberi Vinales
It is famed for its mogotes, large limestone formations which date back to the Jurassic period, is one of the most beautiful spots in Cuba.

This villagey town is surprisingly spruce, with a fetching arcaded main street and lovely rustic scenes down the back lanes, the tranquility of the place and the friendliness of the local people are as seductive as the scenery, there are walks to do, horses to hire and tobacco farms and caves to visit.

Vinales has excellent climbing.

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