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Hotel Villa Gregorio , Cayo Guillermo, Ciego de Avila, Küba
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İlgili Hotel Islazul Villa Gregorio
Plaj Hoteller
One of the newest additions to Cayo Guillermo, Hotel Islazul Villa Gregorio offers and economical alternative to many of the all inclusive options in Cuba’s northern Cayos.

Operating on a bed and breakfast basis, the Hotel Villa Gregorio offers a much more intimate experience, perfect for small groups and families who would prefer a much more quieter, relaxing visit.

Economically priced, the hotel would serve as an ideal base camp for those looking to explore multiple locations throughout their stay in Cuba.
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Breakfast - à la carte
Cafe / Snack Bar
Güvenlik - Ön büro kasası kasasi
Mağazalar (lar) temel malzemeler, hediyelik eşya ve hediyeleri
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Restaurant(s) - à la carte
Yüzme havuzu
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The hotel is comprised of 15 standard rooms with modern furnishings. Rooms are air conditioned with satellite TV, private bathrooms and hot water. Rooms at the hotel are also cleaned daily by staff.
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110 Volt Outlet
Banyo (ensuite)
Bathtub or shower
Sıcak ve Soğuk Su
Uydu TV
Rehberi Cayo Guillermo
Just west of Cayo Coco is Cayo Guillermo, a much smaller coral key connected to Cayo Coco by a causeway. The mangroves off the south coast of Cayo Guillermo are home to pink flamingos and pelicans, and there's a great diversity of tropical fish and crustaceans on the key's Atlantic reef. This was a favorite fishing spot of US writer Ernest Hemingway, who mentioned Cayo Guillermo in his book Islands in the Stream.

The main hotel is named Villa Cojimar, for the fishing village near Havana where Hemingway kept his boat, and the resort's restaurant is called the Bodeguita de Guillermo, after Hemingway's favorite Havana bar, the Bodeguita del Medio.

Playa Pilar, a lovely white beach near the west end of Cayo Guillermo, is named for Hemingway's boat.
Cayo Guillermo is probably the number one sportfishing destination in Cuba. The deep-sea fishing facilities are good, and several freshwater lakes on the mainland are within commuting distance.
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