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Kurhotel Escambray, Topes de Collantes, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
Gaviota Escambray Hotel View
Hotel Escambray View
Lobby at Hotel Escambray
Gaviota Escambray Hotel Lobby
Escambray Hotel Reception
Kurhotel Escambray Reception
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The 4* Hotel Gaviota Kurthotel Escambray monstrosity is, to the untrained western-eye, totally at odds with its surrounds. The forested mountain setting at 800 meters elevation, deep in the Sierra Escambray, is lovely/spectacular. The hotel, a great concrete hulk rising seven-stories above the treetops is a wonderous carbuncle on the landscape. To call this Soviet-scale ziggurat austere is an understatement, which makes it all the more "must-see" for cuba-philes. Although it looks Stalinist, it originated in 1936 as a sanatorium. In the 1970s it was converted to serve as a health tourism facility – the "Cure-hotel" – a function it still serves, while also accepting independent travelers.

One of the hotel's highlights is the artwork hung in its halls, of renowned Cuban painters of the 1980s. It is effectively the largest gallery on the island.

A stay here is quite surreal. Start with the massive stone staircase. And the tiny (and dysfunctional) elevators. And the guests walking around in identical track suits. And the fact that the hotel even has its own TV station. Still, there are pleasant moments. The restaurant is modestly elegant, although the menu (no surprises here!) is limited to criolla staples. The heated Olympic-size indoor pool is a treat for serious swimmers. You can get physical in the gym and squash courts, then sooth your muscles in the spa.

The personnel on hand are specialized in medicine and nursing. It offers several programs for the treatment of diseases such as stress, respiratory illness and cardiac problems.

Facilities at the hotel includes restaurant, cafeteria, bars, heated swimming pool, gym, massages, sauna, squash courts, disco and many more. At the tourist desk you can book excursions to visit Topes de Collantes, Codina Park, Guanayara and Los Almendros, which are away-from-it-all places with several caves and underground rivers, as well as trails flanked by curative and ornamental plants. The mountain roads will certainly surprise you with waterfalls that are as high as 60 meters (197 feet) and are considered among Cuba's highest cascades, and puddles of crystal-clear water from nearby springs.

The 210 air‑conditioned rooms are purely functional in style, with rattan furnishings. Still, bathrooms have been refitted with modern accouterments, and every room has satellite TV, phone, and mini-fridge. If you're in need of some physical reparation, this place could well be for you. If not, it still makes a good base for mountain hikes and horseback rides offered through Gaviotatours, which has its headquarters on site.

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Rooms are quite spacious although furniture is very basic. The view from the rooms is magnificent. All are equipped with air-conditioning, private bathroom, satellite TV and telephone.
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Guia Topes de Collantes
Topes de Collantes localiza-se apenas cinco quilômetros acima de Trindade. Esta constitui-se de um parque natural com mais de doze mil acres de território, onde montanhas, o mar e atrações culturais se tornam um produto turístico de alta qualidade de demanda internacional. Este é um lugar de beleza extraordinária e de grande valor científico para a botânica, zoologia e ecologia cubana. Constitui uma área protegida de duzentos quilômetros quadrados com muitas espécies locais de fauna e flora.
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