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Hotel Via Blanca , Beaches East of Havana, Havana, Cuba
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Located within the seaside town of Guanabo, Hotel Islazul Via Blanca is a quaint bed and breakfast style hotel that offers you the best of both the city and and the beach.

Situated along a stretch of highway connecting Havana to Matanzas province guests at Hotel Islazul Via Blancal can easily access Old Havana and the white sandy beaches of Varadero. Perfect for those who prefer to explore their local surroundings, the hotel operates on a bed and breakfast basis, offering you the freedom to explore Guanabo and its local sights and sounds.

Nestled between the Straits of Florida and the green tropical surroundings found outside the centre of Havana, Hotel Islazul Via Blanca is a great place to stay for friends and family alike.
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Air conditioning
Beaches nearby
Bicycle tour friendly area
Breakfast - à la carte
Nightclub nearby
Telephone - national & international calls
Tours & tourist information desk
Keterangan berkenaan Standard Room bilik
Rooms at the hotel have all been recently renovated. They also contain all the essentials such as air conditioning, hot water, a balcony and private bathrooms. Rooms at the hotel all have en suite bathrooms and air conditioning.
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110 Volt Outlet
Air panas dan sejuk
Bathtub or shower
Mandi (ensuite)
Minibar / Fridge (un-stocked)
Penyaman Udara
Guide to Beaches East of Havana
The beaches east of Havana are known as "Playas del Este". They are just 20 minutes from Downtown Havana, and include from West to East: Bacuranao Beach, Tarara Beach, El Megano Beach, Santa Maria del Mar Beach, Boca Ciega Beach, Guanabo Beach, Veneciana Beach and Rincon Beach. Choose from 7 km of white sand beach...

Bacuranao Beach is the closest to Havana, and strictly speaking is in the Celimar, Habana del Este district. Through the beach runs the fresh water Bacuranao creek. The beach is not easy for the tourist to find, but is popular with the locals and the Habaneros.

Playa Santa Maria del Mar is a pleasant non-touristy beach, but packed with Habaneros at weekends. It has white sand with remains of coral and shells. Its waters are crystal clear with different shades of green and blue. Underwater, Santa María shows a beautiful landscape of coral reefs, shellfish and lively colored fish. It is an experience to dive in these waters, due to the abundance of the fauna and its irregular landscape.

Guanabo is a charming seaside town with a magnificient beach and a nightlife provided by many discos.
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