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Mengenai Cabanas Campismo La Mula
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Cuba may be famous for its beaches but guests staying at Campismo la Mula can experience the less famous hidden riches & stunning natural beauty of southern Cuba, leading to memorable outdoor holidays.

Cabanas Campismo la Mula is very popular with the climbers & mountaineers taking on the south slope of Pico Turquino which, at 1974 meters (6476 ft), is Cuba’s highest mountain. But the area is also richly abundant in other outdoor activities, with beautiful nature trails for hiking, cycling & horse riding. Horses & bicycles can be hired at Campismo la Mula, while there is also a children’s playground & activities for all ages on the site’s pebble beach.

Campismo la Mula is a rustic place with a bar, café & restaurant serving simple Cuban food & drink. And what better way to relax after a day’s hiking than to sit back with a beer & look up at Pico Turquino bathed in the moonlight of this peaceful, remote place.

If you want to get away from it all & enjoy the hidden beauty of Cuba, you will find Cabanas Campismo la Mula a great choice at inexpensive cost.
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Bird watching
Cafe / snack bar
Horse riding
Mountains nearby
Nightclub, disco or dance hall
River bathing
Trekking / hiking / camping
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Keterangan berkenaan Cabin with ensuite bathroom bilik
There are 12 Cabins with ensuite bathroom, and 20 without. With us you should expect the former, not the latter. The cabins have capacity for 2 to 4 people. It is strongly recommended to confirm bookings in advance because this campsite is in a remote place, with limited accommodation.
© 2014 Nigel Hunt
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Guide to La Mula La Plata & Las Cuevas
La Mula is at the mouth of Rio La Mula (AKA Rio Turquino), on Cuba's South coast 124km west of Santiago de Cuba. Rising abruptly up to 1974m (6476 ft) from La Mula is the majestic Sierra Maestra mountain range. To add to the drama, to the south of La Mula is the Cayman trough. The sea floor drops abruptly downward to 7686m (25,217 ft) to Cayman Trough. At the bottom of which are the world's deepest & hottest volcanic vents & "black smokers".

But just 15m down & 30 metres from La Mula shore, snorkelers will be delighted to discover the well preserved shipwreck of a Spanish Navy Giuseppe Garibaldi-class armored cruiser, the Cristobal Colon (1897).

The Rio La Plata river gives its name to both the historically important small settlement, La Plata, at its mouth, & the Comandancia La Plata, at it source.

La Plata was the site of Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution's first victorious skirmish against Batista's government troops on 17th January 1957. The Museo de la Plata is open Tue to Sat for $1 CUC.

The Comandancia General La Plata was Fidel Castro's rebel army's principal command post from 1958. The preserved wooden cabins are nowadays best reached by a ridgetop trail from Alto de Naranjo, high above Hotel Villa Santa Domingo. The later is only reachable by car from the North, the Granma Province side.

Las Cuevas, & its visitor centre, lies between La Mula & La Plata, & is the starting point of the awesomely steep & beautiful trail to Cuba's highest mountain peaks, Pico Cuba (1872m) & Pico Turquino (1972).
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