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Wooden Lodge At Cabo San Antonio
Villa Cabo San Antonio Wooden Lodge
Beach At Villa San Antonio
Villa Cabo San Antonio Beach
Hotel Cabo San Antonio Wooden Lodge Room
Villa Cabo San Antonio Wooden Lodge Room
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Hotel Gaviota Villa Cabo San Antonio is located in the northwestern area of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, in Cuba's westernmost province, Pinar del Rio, only 3 kilometres from the solid rock where the Roncali lighthouse stands. The Guanahacabibes Peninsula region is still mostly virgin and boasts the category of Bio-sphere Reserve, approved by the UNESCO since 1987.

Villa San Antonio is surrounded by a jungle and a marine environment. Hotels facilities include water activities, car/bicycle rental, shop, excursions and many more. Tourists can cook their own food, either at the Villa’s snack bar or at the Cabo San Antonio Marina, which is only 4 kilometres away from the hotel. Cabo San Antonio Marina is due to open in 2009.

More info and photos of the hotel can be found at the Villa Cabo San Antonio Website.

To view hotel visitors own comments please visit the Villa Cabo San Antonio Forum.

Marina Cabo San Antonio is located at 3 kilometres from the hotel and it can only be reached by foot or with your own rental car or bike. While Cabo San Antonio makes an excellent opportunity for big-game fishing, Maria La Gorda is a sublime diving and snorkelling destination within the Biosphere Reserve Guanahacabibes. Maria La Gorda Diving Centre and Hotel are located at about 70 km from Cabo San Antonio Hotel, so we recommend divers who do not have their own transportation to book their stay at Maria La Gorda Hotel.
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Description and facilities details coming soon.
Guide to Guanahacabibes Peninsula 구아나하바비바스 반도
이 반도 지역은 1987년 이래로 유네스코에서 지정한 자연 생태계 보존 구역으로 아직까지도 때묻지 않은 곳이다.
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