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Lobby, Hotel Velasco, Matanzas, Cuba
Hotel Velasco
Hotel Encanto Velasco
Hotel Encanto Velasco
Velasco Hotel Fresh Fruit Cocktails
Velasco Fresh Fruit Rum Cocktails - Excellent
Hotel Velasco Suite, Balcony and view of the Palacio de Gobierno
Velasco Suite & Palacio de Gobierno
Havana to Matanzas Electric HersheyTrain at Casa Blanca Railway Station
Havana Matanzas Hershey Train at Casa Blanca
Hotel E Velasco Restaurant
Hotel Velasco Restaurant
Jose Luis Fernandez Garcia makes as good, or better, a cocktail as anyone in Cuba
Jose's Bar at the Velasco Hotel
Hotel Velasco Bathroom
Velasco Bathroom
Young muscian practising his guitar in the Liberty Park opposite the Velasco Hotel
Velasco, Park & Classical Guitar
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If you are looking for an attractive boutique hotel which is perfectly placed for enjoying central Matanzas, you will have a memorable time at Hotel Encanto Velasco.

A stay at Encanto Velasco is like stepping back in time with stunning colonial features like high, ornate ceilings, marble columns & a beautifully designed bar. The hotel was renovated in 2011 & provides a wonderful mix of colonial & neo-classical features, together with modern comforts. Fronting the main plaza of Matanzas, Velasco is only 50 yards from the famous Sauto theatre, one of Cuba’s national treasures. It is also a short walk from Matanzas Bay & numerous bars & restaurants.

The large atrium in the centre of Velasco’s restaurant gives it a comfortable airy feel, even on the hottest days, & the restaurant serves good quality food at reasonable price, though breakfast can be fairly basic. The bar at Velasco is particularly attractive with beautiful wooden features & great service from friendly staff. The coffee here is also not to be missed.

Velasco hotel has no lift so guests with mobility issues may not benefit from the stunning views afforded from top floor rooms. But, whatever your mobility, if you want stunning surroundings in an unbeatable location, you will not find anywhere better in Matanzas.
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110/120 볼트
TV와 바(국제 방송 채널)
국내/ 국제 전화
근처의 나이트 클럽
로비 바
상점과 간단한 제공, 기념품과 선물
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세부사항 Standard 객실
Encanto Velasco hotel has 17 standard rooms which have comfortable double or twin beds, with satellite TV, mini-bar & air-conditioning. In keeping with the rest of the building, the rooms are large & well kept, with classical high ceilings, vintage fittings & good modern bathrooms.
© 2014 Nigel Hunt
110볼트 전원
뜨거운 물과 차가운 물
룸 서비스
욕실(침실 바로 옆에 위치)
위성 TV
트윈 침대
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