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Club Tropical Beach
Club Tropical Beach
Games on the Swimming Pool
Games on the Swimming Pool
Food Service
Food Service
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If you are a beach lover looking for an inexpensive all-inclusive hotel on a great beach, with the opportunity to explore other bars & restaurants outside the complex, then look no further than Club Tropical.

The hotel is set on one of Cuba’s most beautiful beaches & guests are always either a few steps from azure blue waters or the fun, colourful Varadero strip.

There has been extensive recent renovation at the complex, although it has remained open & popular with guests throughout (a testament to the dedication of the hotel’s staff).
The food & drink served at its restaurant & bars surpasses the standard set by most of Club Tropical’s competitors, with fresh food, canned beers & a good range of liquors.

Club Tropical hotel provides a good range of on-site & beach activities, including basketball, volleyball, aerobics, table tennis & billiards; while beach activities include windsurfing, catamarans & pedal boats. There are also activities such as scuba diving, though there is a charge for this.

The Tropical pool is a good size, flanked by picturesque palm trees, with a separate shallow area for young children. There are numerous deck chairs & parasols around the pool & there are also chairs & cabanas for shade on the beach.

The beautiful beach & great location for exploring Varadero may be the standout considerations for booking this hotel, but you cannot fail to be charmed by the smiling faces & helpfulness of the staff there. This makes hotel Club Tropical the perfect budget all-inclusive Cuban experience.
© 2013 Nigel Hunt
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TV와 바(국제 방송 채널)
국내/ 국제 전화
국제적인 음식
마스터 카드/ 비자 카드 사용 무관(아메리카/ USA 카드는 효력 없음)
매일 다른 활동 프로그램
상점과 간단한 제공, 기념품과 선물
스쿠버 다이빙 학교
스페인어, 영어, 불러, 독어, 이테리어 통역 서비스는 프론트에서
안전성- 24시간 보안 요원
어린이 수영장
어린이 클럽
엔터테인머트 프로그램
오토바이 렌탈
워터 스포츠
의료 서비스
자전거 활용가능
차 렌탈 데스크
커피 숍
택시 데스크
테니스 코트
필드 스포츠
해변은 걸어서 2분
현대식 건물
호텔 pc의 인터넷
세부사항 Standard 객실
The rooms are all ensuite, comfortable & modern (& likely to be even more so on completion of the renovation work). The maids typify the friendly attitude of Club Tropical’s staff & keep the rooms very clean. All rooms have a balcony or terrace, though rooms with sea views should be requested in advance to avoid disappointment.
© 2013 Nigel Hunt
더블 침대
뜨거운 물과 차가운 물
발코니 (가능한 조건)
욕실(침실 바로 옆에 위치)
위성 TV
트윈 침대
세부사항 Standard Superior 객실
Description and facilities details coming soon.
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그럼에도 불구 하고 Jardines del Rey 광관지에서는 경쟁이 아주 치열하다고 한다.

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