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Heron at the San Jose del Lago Villa Hotel
Villa San Jose del Lago Resident Heron
The hotel Villa San Jose del Lago accommodation
The Lakeside Villa
Hotel San Jose Boating Lake
Boating Lake
Villa San Jose del Lago  Pool
Swimming Pool
Cuban Mulata & Rowing Boat
Mulata on the Rowing Lake
Flamingos at Yaguajay
Sign coming from the West. Not one if you are coming from the East.
Villa San Jose del Lago Sign
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Lush flora and varied fauna species found in the Guamuhaya mountain range, central Cuba, an area full of natural treasures, an exceptional climate and many endemic species, are the basis of the region’s tourist potential.

Considered one of the main tourist offers of the Sancti Spiritus region, Yaguajay possesses Villa San Jose del Lago, providing thermal water treatments to patients suffering from chronic diseases -with or without systemic repercussions- among them osteomioarticular, dermatological and nervous-system diseases, with extraordinary effectiveness in the case of patients with psoriasis. The natural resources of the area are an indispensable component in the treatments.

Add to that the personalized and specialized services offered by competent Cuban professionals; the enjoyment of exquisite Cuban and international cuisine; thermal swimming pool and traditional medicine treatments.

Hotel Villa Islazul San Jose del Lago is synonymous with stimulating and reassuring relaxation, protected by Caribbean nature.
© 2009 Nigel Hunt
TV와 바(국제 방송 채널)
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세부사항 Standard 객실
There are 67 air-conditioned standard rooms with private bathroom and satellite TV. All rooms have basic furniture and quite spacious.
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뜨거운 물과 차가운 물
욕실(침실 바로 옆에 위치)
위성 TV
트윈 침대
세부사항 Suite 객실
Description and facilities details coming soon.
Guide to Yaguajay 야구아하
야구아하는 산티 스피리토스의 지역이다. 야구아하의 전쟁은 쿠바의 혁명 시절중 산타 클라라의 도시 근처 사티스타 정부의 군사로 부터 쿠바의 혁명을 위한 결정적인 승리였다.
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