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Hotel Rancho San Vicente , Vinales 비냘레스, Pinar Del Rio 피나 델 리오, 쿠바
Hotel Horizontes Rancho San Vicente
Hotel Rancho San Vicente
Rancho San Vicente Pool
Pool At Rancho San Vicente
Horizontes Rancho San Vicente Twin Room
Twin Room At Rancho San Vicente
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A unique hotel set in a woodland haven & overlooked by picturesque mountains, Rancho San Vicente will provide a peaceful retreat for anyone who enjoys getting back to nature.

Hotel Horizontes Rancho San Vicente is a short distance from the Vinales Valley & its historic springs, with a bus stop conveniently right outside. A range of excursions can be booked from the hotel, with the horse riding, Vinales tour & mineral baths not to be missed. Nature lovers will enjoy the woods & Sierra de los Órganos Mountains, while there is a fabulous free nightly display as bats fly out from the cave across the road.

Rancho San Vicente is all about peaceful relaxation in an area famed for holistic treatment of ailments such as arthritis, so probably won’t suit visitors expecting to party. Guest cabins are dotted through the lush, colourful woods around the central bar & restaurant, with an intimate pool area that is great for unwinding.

Food & drink at Rancho San Vicente hotel is generally okay, though there are two outstanding private restaurants, known as paladars, across the road which are inexpensive & provide sumptuous dishes. The hotel also provides evening entertainment for guests, though the music generally doesn’t impinge on those preferring to enjoy the tranquillity of the area.

Horizontes Rancho San Vicente is a relatively basic hotel located in a beautiful place that is ideal for exploring the Vinales Valley, particularly suitable for nature lovers & those seeking a peaceful, relaxing break.
© 2014 Nigel Hunt
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TV와 바(국제 방송 채널)
국내/ 국제 전화
국제적인 음식
마스터 카드/ 비자 카드 사용 무관(아메리카/ USA 카드는 효력 없음)
매일 다른 활동 프로그램
생태계 여행 프로그램
스페인어, 영어, 불러, 독어, 이테리어 통역 서비스는 프론트에서
어린이 수영장
엔터테인머트 프로그램
의료 서비스
현대식 건물
호텔 pc의 인터넷
세부사항 Cabana 객실
The cabins at Rancho San Vicente range in size but each has air conditioning, bathroom, fridge, satellite TV & adapted facilities for disabled people.
The rooms are clean but slightly dated & some can feel musty, though they are set among a large woodland area & the sights & sounds more than compensate.
© 2014 Nigel Hunt
110볼트 전원
Independent & detached villa / chalet
Minibar / Fridge (un-stocked)
더블 침대
뜨거운 물과 차가운 물
욕실(침실 바로 옆에 위치)
위성 TV
트윈 침대
세부사항 Tropical Cabana 객실
Description and facilities details coming soon.
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