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Hotel Miraflores , Moa 모아, Holguin 홀긴, 쿠바
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호텔에 대하여 Hotel Islazul Miraflores
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If you want to explore Cuba’s industrial heartland or are looking for somewhere to stay with good transport links across Holguin & beyond, then Hotel Miraflores is for you.

Islazul Miraflores hotel is located in Moa, an area famous for its nickel & cobalt mining industry, & less than two miles from the airport. It may be in an industrial region but drive just a short way & you will find beautiful countryside & fabulous scenery along the coast.
The hotel is also in a central position for exploring the province of Holguin & the last stop on the eastern gravel road to the unspoiled beaches of Baracoa.

Miraflores sits on a hillside, surrounded by sea & mountains. The hotel is basic but provides accommodation & activities to ensure all guests have a comfortable stay. Its location leads to many business visitors & there are meeting rooms to accommodate them but there are also plenty of leisure facilities, including a swimming pool, gym & tennis, volleyball & basketball courts.

Miraflores hotel may not be the choice for long holiday stays but the hotel provides good, reasonably priced service & a relaxing base for travellers exploring the east of Cuba.
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Miraflores provides comfortable ensuite rooms that are clean & well-appointed, with air conditioning & satellite TV. All rooms have either a balcony or terrace.
© 2013 Nigel Hunt
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Guide to Moa 모아
모아는 조그마한 해변가의 마을이지만 하바나에서 산티에고 드 쿠바로 오가는 비행기장이 있는 곳으로 여행객들이 과르다라바카와 해안으로 가는 길목이기도 한 곳이다. 관타나모의 국경지방에서 가까운 모아는 바라코아 타운과 무너진 근해 연안의 육로로 이어진다.
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