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호텔에 대하여 Cabanas Campismo Rio Seibabo
Campismo Popular
환경 보호 관광 호텔
The Rio Seibabo Campismo is located on the river of the same name. This youth hostel/hotel is in the heart of the Sierra del Escambray mountain range, between the western Guamuhaya Mountains & the eastern Sierra de Sancti Spiritus.

Customers can expect the full experience of nature as the Campismo Rio Seibabo cabins are very much embedded in the forest. Nature lovers will enjoy an immense variety of Cuban flora & fauna.

Excursions are available to Charco Azul (blue pond), la Cascada del Camarón (shrimp waterfall), Cueva del Murciélago (bat cave) & the Monumento a Manuel Ascunce Doménech y Pedro Lantigua.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner is offered at the restaurant & café/pizzeria. There is also a small kiosk with refreshments and snacks on offer in CUC.

The primary health care is guaranteed in the nursing facility 24 hours a day.

The Rio Seibabo Campismo was first opened on 17 July 1983.
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Bird watching
Mountains nearby
River bathing
Trekking / hiking / camping
나이트 클럽/ 디스코
상점과 간단한 제공, 기념품과 선물
생태계 여행 프로그램
의료 서비스
자전거 활용가능
커피 숍
세부사항 Cabin with ensuite bathroom 객실
The facility has 35 cabins for 2, 4, 6, and 8 people. These cabins have bunk beds, sofa-bed, fan and all with en suite bathrooms.
© 2013 Nigel Hunt
Bunk beds
욕실(침실 바로 옆에 위치)
Guide to Escambray Mountains 에스캄브레 산맥
빌라 클라라 지방은 쿠바의 혁명기간때 아주 중요한 활동이 있었던 곳 중하나이다. 산타클라라 수도는 거대한 역사적인 건물들과 흥미로운 문화를 담고 있다.
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