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Hotel Encanto Perla del Mar, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Hotel Perla del Mar
Hotel Encanto Perla del Mar & Bahia de Cienfuegos
Hotel Perla del Mar & Cienfuegos Bay
The Airey Lobby Bar of the Perla del Mar Hotel, Punta Gorda, Ciefuegos, Cuba
The Airey Lobby Bar
View of the Hotel Jagua opposite from a bedroom terrace
View of the Jagua Hotel opposite
Standard Room & Terrace at the Hotel Perla del Mar, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Standard Room & Terrace
Rather classy bathroom with its Ship's Porthole. Done with attention to detail & good craftmanship
Classy Bathroom with its Ship's Porthole
Perla del Mar Hotel Terrace with Jacuzzi, Deck Chairs, Shower, Sofa, Coffee tables & Chairs
The Hotel's "Lido Deck" & "Ship's Funnel"
Hotel Perla del Mar Sea View from the Patio
Patio Sea View
Perla del Mar's Jacuzzi on the Lido Deck
Hotel's Jacuzzi on the Lido Deck
The Refreshing "Open Deck" Restaurant of the Hotel Perla del Mar
The Refreshing "Open Deck" Restaurant
Professional & Friendly Staff, Hotel Perla del Mar, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Professional & Friendly Staff
Lobby Seating of the Vogue, Hotel Perla del Mar, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Lobby Seating of the Vogue
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について Hotel Encanto Perla del Mar
Meliá Hotels & Resorts (Meliá Hotels International)
The Perla del Mar is a rather splendid newly restored (2013) boutique hotel converted from a swish 1950's family home in the “Punta Gorda” of Cienfuegos. The architectural style was clearly inspired & distilled from an ocean-going cruise liner.

Almost immediately on entering the building through its wide front entrance into its plush lobby bar you are welcomed by the large opening to the patio, its sea view & cooling breeze. And while at this instant you maybe enticed to further inspect the maritime aspects of the establishment, you are drawn to the left by the small but exceptionally exotically well stocked bar.

The main patio has 2 shaded jacuzzi & a variety of comfortable appropriately styled seating, including a row of sunbeds. Its a rather heavenly location for rum tipplers, cigar puffers, romantic fantasizers & sea whiffers.

The hotel's open-sided restaurant hangs over the water, like a prow of a ship, allowing a wide panoramic view of the bay & distant mountains. It provides excellent shade & receives cool breezes making it a most refreshing place to eat & drink. The service is keen & the grub is pretty damn good too.

Guests of Perla del Mar can have their meals & use the facilities of both the Hotel Casa Verde next-door & Hotel Jagua opposite. Most notably the Jagua has an excellent buffet breakfast & rather swish swimming pool.
© 2013 Nigel Hunt
Reviewed by Nigel, website's owner
I used the facilities there when I stayed at the Casa Verde for 2 nights in May 2013. I totally want to visit again, and next time try the slightly newer even more stylish Perla del Mar rooms. Highly recommended.
Historic site
ナイトクラブ 近辺にあり
古建築 再現
近年 改装済み
防犯設備 - 路外駐車場あり
についての詳細 スタンダード ルーム
The 7 spacious standard rooms are very tastefully newly furnished including comfortable twin beds. Each room has large shuttered windows allowing for captivating vistas, & lots of natural light or shade as required. Most of the rooms have a balcony or terrace.
© 2013 Nigel Hunt
Minibar / Fridge (stocked)
テラス (空室状況次第)
バルコニー (空室状況次第)
浴室 (エン・スウィート)
についての詳細 ジュニアスィート オーシャンビュー ルーム
Description and facilities details coming soon.
についての案内 Cienfuegos City、シエンフゴス市


イギリス支店 :: Audrey :: +44 20 7498 8555 もしくは 0800 298 9555
アメリカ、 カナダ支店 :: Jeffery もしくは Bastien :: フリーダイヤル 888 361 9555
ハバナ観光センター :: Idelsis :: +53 7 863 9555
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