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について Hotel Packard
The Hotel Packard located on the Paseo Prado, the most important street in Old Havana, was erected by a US company during the 1920’s hotel boom in Havana, following the establishment of hotels such as the Hotel Saratoga. The Hotel backs onto the stretching canal of the Havana Bay and the looks out onto one of Havana’s most important structures, the Forteleza. Situated in one of the most important parts of the City, the Hotel Packard invites clients to discover the rich colonial past of Havana and delve into the development and transition of the country from the Pearl of the Spanish Empire to the Revolutionary State of Cuba.

Over the past two decades, the Hotel Packard has lain in ruins in Old Havana, the glorious facade reflecting the grandeur that used to exist in place of the shell of such a magnificent structure. Currently occupied by viny trees and plants, carefully wrapping themselves around the beautiful scaffolding, the Hotel Packard still reflects the splendor of it’s time, combined with the slowly decaying charm of Old Havana. The structure, seen as one of Havana’s most important, was given a new lease of life by the two Spanish architects Oscar Garcia and Teresa Luis from the years 1997 to 2003. The two architects developed a floor plan and architectural reinforcement plan for the building, however this was then passed to architect Rafael Moneo to complete and see through. Construction of the building has still not commenced.

The new hotel plans aim to integrate the Hotel’s original charm, coupled with new and striking luxury strands to firmly reinstate the Hotel Packard amongst Havana’s most luxurious establishments.The design incorporates the Museum of Cuban Music History, a performance and practice facility for music, as well as a two story jazz club on the corner of the site. Along with musical benefits, the Packard will also house retail spaces, a world class restaurant, performance spaces, exhibition spaces, spas, stretching swimming pools, music gardens and conference rooms. The hotel will consist of 300 rooms, making it one of Havana’s biggest hotels. The three types of rooms available shall be: one bedroom loft style rooms, two bedroom apartments and one bedroom, one level apartments. Each room will feature a front and back porch, one of the signature elements of the Hotel’s design.

The project will be financed by Spanish hotels company Iberostar as they seek to add another five star, classic building to the list of hotels they are currently running in Cuba. The brand currently contains hotel Parque Central, the only Iberostar hotel in Old Havana up to now.

The city eagerly awaits to see the reconstruction of this wonderful building, ensure you are the first to experience the space and its history when it is reopened!
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についての案内 Old Havana、オールドハバナ、旧市街
中心地でもあり、ハバナの魂が宿る旧市街地は、1982年にユネスコ人類文化遺産に登録されました。この地域では、美しい建築を保護すること、歴史上の重要物を奨励することに力を入れています。大理石のベンチや古本屋、アルマス広場やセスペデス像のある地域は初めて公共広場として建設されました。 カテドラル広場は、見事なバロック様式でデザインされており、おそらくカリブ諸国内で最も美しい広場でしょう。小さな新古典派様式で作られた神殿は、1915年に初めてミサが行われました。フエルサ要塞は、最も古いアメリカ城砦で、今日ではモダンアートの展覧会や眺めの良い胸壁もあります。市立博物館は、カストロ政権がた大盛期だった頃、大統領官邸として使用されていました。 1720年代に建設されたコロニアル・アート博物館は、中庭と微かに手直しされた建築が特徴的ですが、中は17-8世紀の家具コレクションで満たされています。オビスポ通りは、ミサイルを使って歩行者専用の仕切りを作っています。

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