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Hotel Punta Piedra , Plaža Marea del Portillo, Granma, Kuba
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O Hotel Cubanacan Punta Piedra
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If you enjoy nature & tranquillity then you’ll find everything you need at Hotel Cubanacan Punta Piedra – particularly if your ideal holiday includes diving or snorkelling.

Sitting beside the endless powder beach of Marea del Portillo, hotel Punta Piedra is overlooked by the majestic Sierra Maestra Mountains & Cuba’s highest point, Pico Turquino. The place has a relaxed, rustic feel with terracotta roofs & pathways dotted around tree-lined, well-maintained gardens.

Hotel Punta Piedra is a small, relatively basic complex so don’t expect luxury but what you will find is a country charm & a real sense of tranquillity. There is a small pool & sun terrace while activities on the beach include non-motorised watersports. In addition to the limited daytime programme, the friendly staff also provide guided nature walks. You can also book excursions to the stunning El Salto waterfall & Desembarco del Granma National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Punta Piedra has two bars & a small but pleasant restaurant with outside sitting area. Guests can also utilise the facilities at the other two hotels in the area, though the shuttle doesn’t run all year round. The evening disco & comedy show at Farallon del Caribe are both recommended, though Punta Piedra guests can enjoy more sedate evening entertainment & breathtaking sights as the moon drifts over the mountains.

If you like snorkelling or scuba diving then Punta Piedra is definitely for you, with the Marea del Portillo International Scuba Diving Center nearby. The local waters provide plenty to explore with once-in-a-lifetime sights like the coral reef, well-preserved galleons & mesmerising tropical life among the narrow underwater ravines & huge hillocks.

A great choice for anyone seeking an inexpensive escape in a relaxing location, Punta Piedra is ideal for scuba diving & nature enthusiasts alike.
© 2015 Nigel Hunt
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The 13 standard rooms at Punta Piedra are in colourful cabins dotted around the gardens. They are a decent size & bright, clean & comfortable with good ensuite bathrooms, TV & air conditioning.
© 2015 Nigel Hunt
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