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Villa Los Pinos , Beaches East of Havana, Havana, Cuba
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About Hotel Villa Los Pinos
Grand Caribe
فنادق شاطئية
فنادق عائلية
If you’ve ever dreamed of your own private place in the sun, right beside a beautiful sandy beach, then look no further than Villa Los Pinos.

Villa Los Pinos provides individual villas, each one either on the beach or just yards away, which are dotted around a lush site full of tropical flowers and picturesque coconut trees. No house is more than a couple of minutes’ walk from reception or the beach, although guests at some villas may need to cross a minor road to access the beach so request a beach location in advance, if required.

In addition to the beachside location, Los Pinos hotel also provides a real sense of privacy and exclusivity. Each secluded villa has a small private pool, set in its own walled garden, and the site security staff are also dedicated to guest privacy. So after a day at the beach you can relax by your own pool or look out onto the crystal blue sea from your balcony, while sipping a cool mojito fresh from your own fridge.

In addition to Villa Los Pinos bar/restaurant, there are also popular restaurants nearby or take advantage of the proximity to Havana, with its bustling bars and restaurants.

If you are looking for a private slice of traditional Cuba, where you can walk out of your villa straight onto sandy beach – or discover colonial Havana just 20 minutes away – then Villa Los Pinos is for you.
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110/120 فولت
220/240 فولت
أفراد الأمن بالزي الرسمي 24 ساعة
الإنترنت على أجهزة الكمبيوتر الخاصة بالفندق
الترفيه المسائي - الملاهي الليلية
الرياضات المائية (غير الآلية)
برنامج الأنشطة النهارية
حمام سباحة
خدمات الطبية
صالة رياضية
غرفة التلفزيون / البار (القنوات الدولية و الفيديو)
مباني عصرية
متجر الأساسيات والهدايا التذكارية والهدايا
مركز الصرافة
مركز تدليك
مطبخ دولي يقدم فيه أطعمه الدول المختلفة
مكتب تأجير السيارات
مكتب سيارات الأجرة
ملاعب التنس
ملهى ليلي قريب
موظفي الاستقبال يتحدثون الأسبانية ، الإنجليزية ، الفرنسية ، الألمانية ، الإيطالية
موقف سيارات
نقبل بطاقات الائتمان ماستركارد & فيزا(لم تصدر من الولايات المتحدة)
هاتف - مكالمات محلية ودولية
يوجد محلات بالقرب
Details of 2 Bedroom House  
Comfort and stunning views go hand in hand with each villa equipped to a good standard and scrupulously cleaned by helpful, enthusiastic maids.

Master bedrooms have kingsize beds with large windows and balconies for breathtaking views of the sea. There is also a separate bedroom, two luxurious bathrooms, a living room with cable TV and dining room. All-inclusive is standard at Vila Las Pinos but each villa has a very well equipped kitchen area with gas hob, microwave and decent-size fridge-freezer for cooking your own food.

If guests experience any problems in their villa (for example, the water is regularly topped up by truck), then the maids are very helpful. To ensure a comfortable stay, it is recommended to check appliances on arrival and report any issues found to reception but especially the maid.
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110 فولت
220 فولت
تراس أو شرفة
حمام داخل الغرفة
خزنة داخل الغرفة
سرير مزدوج
سرير مزدوج
قنوات فضائية
مجفف الشعر
مياه ساخنة وباردة
Details of 3 Bedroom House  

If you require a 3 bedroom house please contact

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Details of 4 Bedroom House  

If you require a 4 bedroom house please contact

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Guide to Beaches East of Havana
The beaches east of Havana are known as "Playas del Este". They are just 20 minutes from Downtown Havana, and include from West to East: Bacuranao Beach, Tarara Beach, El Megano Beach, Santa Maria del Mar Beach, Boca Ciega Beach, Guanabo Beach, Veneciana Beach and Rincon Beach. Choose from 7 km of white sand beach...

Bacuranao Beach is the closest to Havana, and strictly speaking is in the Celimar, Habana del Este district. Through the beach runs the fresh water Bacuranao creek. The beach is not easy for the tourist to find, but is popular with the locals and the Habaneros.

Playa Santa Maria del Mar is a pleasant non-touristy beach, but packed with Habaneros at weekends. It has white sand with remains of coral and shells. Its waters are crystal clear with different shades of green and blue. Underwater, Santa María shows a beautiful landscape of coral reefs, shellfish and lively colored fish. It is an experience to dive in these waters, due to the abundance of the fauna and its irregular landscape.

Guanabo is a charming seaside town with a magnificient beach and a nightlife provided by many discos.
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USA & Canada Sales :: Jeffery or Bastien :: Toll Free 888 361 9555
Havana Tourist Center :: Idelsis :: +53 7 863 9555
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