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Hotel Villa Eulalia , Miramar, Havana, Cuba
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About Hotel Encanto Villa Eulalia
فنادق وسط البلد
Hotel Encanto Villa Eulalia opened its doors in January 2019. It is located in Quinta Avenida (in English 5th Avenue) one of the most renowned avenues of Havana, considered by many the most beautiful street in Cuba. The central neighborhood of Miramar is characterised by large residentaial and public spaces of exquisite taste.

At only 20 minutes drive from Old Havana, Miramar is a more quiet neighbourhood, ideal for relaxing after a day in the buzzing centre of the Cuban capital. It is also in the proximity of Teatro Karl Marx and the now very well-known Fábrica de Arte Cubano.

Villa Eulalia offers a bar open for snacks and drinks from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm and a restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also has a meeting room with capacity for 80 people, ideal for business meetings and family reunion.

With a personalised service, Encanto Eulalia Hotel ensures the visitor unforgettable experiences.
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Details of Standard Room  
Villa Eulalia offers 7 standard rooms, all equipped with air conditioning, a double bed, private bathroom, hair dryer, telephone, satellite TV, safe, minibar and balcony.
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220 فولت
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Details of Junior Suite  
Description and facilities details coming soon.
Guide to Miramar
Further to the west this area is home to some of the most expensive hotels, restaurants in Havana and the majority of the country's foreign embassies, the tree-lined avenues and stately mansions on and around Fifth Avenue suggest that this is where Havana's elite reside.

The area contains a few interesting museums, most notably the Museo del Ministerio del Interior which will be of interest to any one wanting to brush up on the antics of the cold war.
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