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Hostal Hanoi, فيدادو, Havana, Cuba
Hostal Hanoi, Vedado, Havana
Living Room
Hostal Hanoi, Vedado, Havana
Dining Room
Hostal Hanoi, Vedado, Havana
Private Bathroom on each Bedroom
Hostal Hanoi, Vedado, Havana
Primavera Bedroom
Hostal Hanoi, Vedado, Havana
Primavera Bedroom
Hostal Hanoi, Vedado, Havana
Matrimonial Bedroom
Hostal Hanoi, Vedado, Havana
Matrimonial bedroom
Hostal Hanoi, Vedado, Havana
Hostal Hanoi, Vedado, Havana
Interior Terrace
Hostal Hanoi, Vedado, Havana
Front Entrance
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About Mini Hotel Hostal Hanoi
فنادق مع مرافق الطبخ
The charming Hostal Hanoi, hosted by a welcoming couple (Yohanna, from Havana and Pham from Hanoi, Vietnam), is ideal for groups that want to enjoy their stay in a pleasant and familiar atmosphere.

Hostal Hanoi is located in the once-notorious Mafia-run neighborhood of Vedado, only 100 meters of Malecon, Havana's evocative, 7km-long sea drive. In this area, you can find a wide selection Cuban and International resturants, cafes, nightclubs, bars and theatres. The nearest hotels are Presidente and Melia Cohiba.

Yohanna and Pham live with their kids close to Hostal Hanoi and they are always happy to share some moments with their guests and when they are not around, the attentive reception and security staff will provide you with useful information about Havana attractions including great tips for local restaurants, bar and activities.

The building was first constructed in 1910 and it has been recently restored. Now the Hostel offers 4 double bedrooms fully equipped with private bathroom, air conditioning, hot and cold water, TV, Wireless Internet and iron among other amenities. All rooms have access to the backyard, which is perfect for relaxing, chatting or enjoying a delicious home-made breakfasts for a small extra fee per person.

Previous guests of Hostal Hanoi have reported been very satisfied with cleanliness of this casa and its location. Most of them would happily go back.

Reception and cleaning services are provided during the day and a security guard ensures safety and security during the night.
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Guide to فيدادو

يقع قلب فيدادو على طول وحول لا رمبا هذا هو المكان الذي تلتقي فيه افينيدا 23 بالطريق الساحلي مالكون وستجد فندق ناسيونال دي كوبا المثير للإعجاب.

يقع لا بيراجوا " ذا دوجاوت "أمام فندق ناسيونل حيث كل يوم سبت بعد ظهر اليوم يجتمع العديد من ملاك السيارات والدراجات النارية على طرازات كروم الكلاسيكية اللامعة.

في لا رمبا نفسها ، ستجد المكتب الرئيسي لشركة كوبانا(الخطوط الجوية) والعديد من المتاجر والأسواق والفنادق والمطاعم والنوادي الليلية.

يقع متحف نابوليونيو بين المتصلتين روندا ومازون فى الشرقمن كالي سان ميغيل ، هذا القصر هو بيت مجموعة رائعة من التذكارات النابليونية.

المعالم الأخرى البارزة هم كوبليا و فندق هابانا ليبر
UK Sales :: Audrey :: +44 20 7498 8555 or 0800 298 9555
USA & Canada Sales :: Jeffery or Bastien :: Toll Free 888 361 9555
Havana Tourist Center :: Idelsis :: +53 7 863 9555
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